Extensive facilities exist around the greater Wash region for launching leisure craft, depending of course on the specific need.

For larger, cruising boats coming to the area by road, modern boat lifts can be found in Wells, Fosdyke and Wisbech with capacity varying up to 75 tonnes.

For the day sailor, where to launch will be led by intentions. There are many slipways and hards, some public, some managed by clubs. Windsurfing for example is to be found on the west facing Norfolk coast around Snettisham and Hunstanton.

Kayaking in the creeks and swatchways of the tidal harbours of North Norfolk is popular but be aware that in summer months, it can be overcrowded and while when afloat, tranquillity can reign, finding somewhere to leave the car can take the edge off the enjoyment.

Best consult the harbours page and seek local advice before committing.