• Fosdyke Tourist Attractions


 Fosdyke is a small village in Lincolnshire situated near the mouth of the River Welland.

Top 3 Fosdyke Attractions

Fosdyke Bridge

Spanning the River Welland, Fosdyke Bridge carries the non-stop A17 traffic from Boston to King’s Lynn.

The bridge was originally wooden and built in 1815. In the early years of the 20th century, the wooden structure was replaced by a metal swing bridge that can be seen today.

All Saints Church

A Grade II listed Anglican church dedicated to All Saints. There have been three established churches on the present site.

The first church records back to 1439. This church fell in disrepair and was replaced with a new one which was built using the old material in 1756.

The third and current church was designed by Mr Edward Browning of Stamford and stands upon a shallow mound a few feet above the level of the road.

Risegate Eau Pumping Station

The pumping station was built in 1964 and is managed by Welland and Deepings Internal Draining Board.