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The village of Fosdyke is near the mouth of River Welland. Fosdyke Wash, the marshy area at the mouth of River Welland, is shown by the Ordnance Survey as the nearest coastal location to Coton in the Elms, Derbyshire.

This is the furthest point from the sea in Great Britain, 70 miles (113km) away.

History of Fosdyke

Fosdyke is a village and civil parish in the Borough of Boston, Lincolnshire. Records for the village go back to the 12th century during a time when King John was famously supposed to have lost England’s Crown Jewels somewhere close to the mouth of River Welland.

The village once served as a port for Boston and the surrounding area in ancient times. The activities of which together with agriculture were the mainstay of employment until recent times when the old Port ceased to trade. The original quay still remains but the former commercial port has now been converted into a pleasure boat marina.

Walking trails

The Fossdyke Canal Trail runs alongside the Fossdyke Navigation, a Roman built canal which joins the River Trent. You can walk or cycle along the trail which runs alongside the canal from Lincoln to Saxilby, approximately 6 miles.


Major roads within 30 minutes of Fosdyke are A16 and A17.