Safety Notes

Mooring Information

Maximum Draft 1.5 Metres

Always ensure your craft is moored sufficiently to cope with the strong tidal flows which on big spring tides will reach up to 7 knots for a while. Commercial ships may come very close to the pontoons as they swing during busy tides and fishing craft heading to / from Boal Quay may be encountered at speed well before & after high water.

There are no moorings available alongside any of the quays in King’s Lynn for any leisure craft and the quay immediately to the south of the pontoons is an emergency lay by berth for ships up to 85m long, as well as short term visits for any commercial vessel. Vessels with greater draft or commercial vessels contact KLCB 01553 773411 or ABP King’s Lynn 01553 691555.

Safety Principles

Please help ensure the King’s Lynn Visitor Pontoons are enjoyed by all, by helping to to keep a clean and safe environment. Please observe the following principles;

1. Adhere to marine toilet rules.

2. Use biodegradable cleaning agents.

3. Maintain responsibility for your own litter.

4. Please report any safety issues resulting from discarded litter on the pontoons, such as broken glass, to the King’s Lynn TIC on 01553 763044 (open 7 days a week, with 24hr answerphone).

5. De-clutter the deck. It is quite easy to fall foul of trip hazards on deck and go overboard. Advise all on board to stay seated as much as possible when arriving at, or leaving from, the Visitor Pontoons.

6. Know the rules of the water. Take the time to refresh yourself on standard boating guidelines (see our Small Craft Guide for more information).

7. Pay attention! Inattention is a top contributing cause of boating accidents. This is a common problem for operators of personal watercraft and these boats often end up going directly into other craft’s path because their operators are not paying attention to either side or behind them.

8. Beware the weight of your boat. When you’re docking the boat at the Visitor Pontoons, keep in mind its considerable weight. Don’t try to stop it if it’s coming in too quickly, and don’t get between the boat and the docking point – you can be easily crushed.

Above all, always be alert and informed when sailing and docking your watercraft.

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